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Edgar Lee Masters Museum

Edgar Lee Masters

Masters is best known for his book Spoon River Anthology, which became one of American literature’s most popular and widely known works.

Boyhood Home & Museum

This was the childhood home of Edgar Lee Masters is located at 8th & Jackson Streets in Petersburg, Illinois where he lived from 1875 to 1886.

Friends of Edgar Lee Masters

The Friends of Edgar Lee Masters Home contribute time and money to the ongoing maintenance of the building and grounds.


We promote Illinois history and arts with events such as Young Writer’s Workshop, Poets in the Parlor and Music on the Backporch.

ELM home

Arrange a Tour

Contact us to arrange a tour of the home.

Petersburg is my heart’s home
There I knew at first
Earth’s sun and air;
Still I can see the hills around it,
The people that walked its
business square.